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Towards self-reliant community

God for People Relief and Development Organization (GPRDO) is an indigenous non-governmental, not- for-profit and secular developmental organization established in 1999 G.C by a group of dedicated and voluntary Ethiopians. GPRDO has the vision to see healthy, productive, and self-governing sustainable society that works for the betterment of living condition and improvement of ecosystem. It works to ensure sustainable improvement in the quality of life of the marginalized people through needs based participatory integrated community development approaches in which people become self reliant through their own efforts and with the proper utilization of natural and human resources.

GPRDO is established to promote the welfare of marginalized and poor segments of the society particularly children, women, disables, elders and bedridden patients- the groups who are most vulnerable to all the problems of under development. It is a development organization working in various aspects of development with more emphasis on poverty alleviation; eradication of illiteracy; protection of environment and natural resources management; provision of emergency relief aids for victims of war, natural disasters, epidemics, famines, etc; and other difficult situations. The founders have worked for different governmental organization occupying various posts. Moreover, they have got ample opportunity to work and live with the marginalized people of residing in different parts of the country. As it has been witnessed with founders, the people who are living in rural remote areas of the country lead a very precarious life because of the absence of well organized social services such as health centers, communication networks, potable water, education and etc. Hence, GPRDO is established to address the basic needs of the people by working with the people and to bring sustainable development in the areas so that they can exercise their right and become self-reliant.

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